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as on :Oct-29
  • Symbol : a.k.a ticker
  • Company Name : Company Name
  • # : Number of trades generated , since 1990 ( our default backtest period)
  • Wins : Number of winning trades
  • Loss : Number of losing trades
  • %Wins : Number of winning trades expressed as percentage
  • Avg% : The average profit per trade in percentage for all the trades in the last four years
  • Med% : The median profit per trade in percentage
  • AWT% : The average profit per winning trades for all the winning trades in the last four years
  • ALT% : The average profit per losing trades for all the losing trades in the last four years
  • Payoff : Ratio of Avg Win / Avg Loss %
  • Max % : Maximum Loss Trade (%)
  • Min % : Maximum Loss Trade (%)
  • Rank : Rank of the current month average returns against all the 12 months , 1 means the stock in the current month performs best , 12 is worst
  • Avg Vol ( K's) : Average Monthly Volume , expressed in multiples of 1000's
  • Seasonality Calculations : are done from the close of last trading of the previous month to current month's last trading day's close , for ex: for March Seasonality , the entry is the close of Feb last trading day's and exit is at the last trading day of Mar at close
  • backtesting period : default backtesting period is since 1990 if the stock is trading then , other wise since it's listing
Symbol Company Name # Wins Loss Wins% Avg% Med% AWT% ALT% Payoff Max% Min% Rank Avg Vol (K's)