when $SPY lost more than 1stdev(50) on a tuesday

$SPY lost more than 1stdev(50) on a tue

with the aid of $SPY tickalert file generated on on 20 Jun 2017 close tickalertbelow trading strategy caught our attention

1) $SPY lost by more than a 1 standard deviation ( measured on 50 trading day’s percent based changes )  as on current trading day

2) and current trading day is Tuesday

below the trading odds for longs for $SPY , for the next 1/2/3/4/5/10/20 trading days , when $SPY lost by more than 1 standard deviation ( 50) on a Tuesday , since 2011

$SPY lost by more than 1 stdev(50) on a tue

ps: clicking the above image will take to the details of historical trades , of the $spy turn around trading strategy!

38/38 times , since last 4 years, $SPY closed higher than the current trading day’s close , at-least once in the next five trading days at close , with an average of 82 bps , and a median of 69 bps 

PF: Profit Factor, and OAPF is the outlier adjusted profit factor ( which is profit factor recalculated after removing the maximum winner )

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