Watch list Alerts Feature

Watch list Alerts Feature

Watchlist Alerts Via Email


after many of you asked , that you want to track you favorite $TICKERS like $SPY , $AAPL  $QQQ , $GOOG etc .. we have developed the Watch list Alerts feature. 

how to use

1) enter one ticker at a time , that you would like get alerts ( the alert is sent only when the trading strategy on the $TICKER had more than 70& in the last 4 years ) , only $TICKERS with average monthly volume of 500K and price greater than 5 are tracked …

2) the various exit period t+1 , is for exit period of 1 trading days , and so on and so forth , N2OC , is entry at next open and exit is at next day at close .

3) you will receive the signals  via email , 15 minutes before market close , for the $TICKER you have subscribed for

4) go ahead and track your favorite by subscribing here at $ 7.95 per month ( less than one trade cost at many of the brokers ) by clicking here 


good luck with the markets


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