few weekend articles update

few weekend articles update 

two weekend articles that appeared in dailyspeclations.com by us

1) Volatility is at Record Lows, from Kora Reddy

summary -> Funnily VIX cash index (VXX only can achieve ~ 60% move of VIX cash index, if one gets it right, since 2009) points to an explosion to the upside, while $SPY is not doing an inverse move of that magnitude, and is non predictable… since the 2000’s.

2) Fun With Charts: S&P Closes Never Seen Again, from Alston Mabry

S&P Closes Never Seen Again Stock Chart


summary -> All except crossing of 200 and 500 , the newly conquered round numbers , were revisited at some point in the future ranging from 1 to 812 calendar days.

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