Quant Alerts Overview

daily high probability trade alerts directly in your inbox

  • Receive trade alerts via  EMAIL whenever a trade is signaled.
  • System  picked long and short setups before market close , and before the market open everyday.
  • 100%  Open, 100 % Mechanical, 100 % transparent

Why subscribe ?

  • Each day paststat.computes a rigorous computational assessment on a variety of historically tested data points for all stocks on the major US stock exchanges.
  • Additionally Quant-Alerts service provides , only those trades which have short term trading edge by out-liar adjusted profit factor of more than 2.5 with a pay-off ratio atleast 1.5 and limiting to stocks with an average volume of more than 1 mil 
  • We are a White Box Trading Strategy Provider and did we mention that we hate to listen to the word “Proprietary Black Box trading strategy”. All our trading strategies are open and communicated so that you know what you are getting.

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ps: if you want a customized Quant Alerts by email or other communication channels , contact-us at paststat at gmail dot com 

pps: for a single subscriber use only

ppps: we do not issue refunds once subscribed.

One thought on “Quant Alerts Overview

  1. Dale Reply

    Hi there, just a question – are your stats based on buying on close, then selling on the close of the next day? Or buying on open, and selling on close of the same day?
    –> the stats are based on two criteria , one say if the signal is “5 days down” , then entry at close means – long/short ( depending on the historical backtest) and exit at next close .
    the other stat is enter at next open and exit at next close

    Also – any plans to release the same for the ASX?
    —> Yes plan is to release the same before 1st week of December .. lets us see how it goes .
    Thank you.

    Thanks Dale

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