First Trading Day of the Month Returns Month wise for SPY Since Feb 1993

First Trading Day of the Month Returns Month wise for SPY Since Feb 1993

There is a possible seasonal influence that could have a bullish impact for tomorrow for SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) ETF midst all the chants of Sell in May and Go Away
A look at historical returns for the First trading of the month shows that the First trading  day of the May days are
  • profitable 75% ( 15/20) of the times ( 3rd best , after July and Feb)
  • average returns are 0.62% ( the second best after Jan)
  • best pay off ratio ( defined as avg win % divided avg loss% ) of 3.38.

Below the table with the details of % wins, Avg % , Avg Win% , Avg Loss% and Pay Off Ratio for each First trading day of the month for SPDR S&P 500 ETF since Feb 1993

$SPY First Trading of the Month Returns Since Feb 2003

ps: typo in the image , read Feb 2003 , as Feb 1993 ..
You might want to download ,Pay What You Want ,”S&P 500 Stocks and Major ETF May Month Seasonality” Excel Sheet , which includes the May Month Seasonality for all the S&P 500 Stocks since 1990 and for the Major ETF’s with more than 1 mil average volume.

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