economics of publishing of a quant trading book

economics of publishing of a quant trading book

Anatomy of $SPY on First Trading Day of the Month

just to help out the quant trading book authors out there ( as many author’s don’t reveal the actual numbers , I’ve asked many , all that I get a response is not bad/ohk/sales are picking up/down etc. ) , here are the numbers behind self publishing of a quant trading related book.

firstly , the book  Anatomy of $SPY on First Trading Day of the Month might be very specialized , as it is useful ( I think , am not sure about the readers , they may think it is useless for the entire decade too !) for only , one trading day in a month and that too for the traders trading $SPY , so a wannabe author might want to interpret and extrapolate the numbers presented below , in his/her stride …

  • Published date : 4 Nov 2013
  • Book Size : ~75 pages
  • Effort taken for the concept and writing and editing : roughly 25 working days say 200 hours
  • List Price : $ 24.99
  • Royalty received for the first month :  $234.38 (woo hoo !! )

ps: there is 100 USD /100 GBP/ 100 Euro threshold for the authors from India , hence the numbers from UK / Europe and Alaska 🙂 are not included .

Anatomy of $SPY on First Trading Day of the Month RoyaltyI’ll update after a quarter again , if that helps the would be quant trading authors to decide about the economics in writing a book , feel free to write to me by commenting here , if you have any further questions … ( but sorry I can’t help you , if you are looking to write How to date Avatar-2 etc ..)

3 thoughts on “economics of publishing of a quant trading book

  1. nat stewart Reply

    There is a reason sites like tradingmarkets have super aggressive marketing with many greed-based pitches that appeal to neophytes. Larry W. used to do “the perfect business” pitch and all the rest to build an audience of buyers. If u really want to “sell” i’m afraid you need a good copywriter to wet people’s appetites by hitting the greed buttons.

    Actual quant-type people who surf the quant blogs might be the least profitable people (relative to wealth) to sell too in the world, they would rather reverse engineer your ideas without paying – not just because they are cheap but because that is their idea of a fun time on Saturday night.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thx Nat for the comment !
      HNY20122U ,

      Actually what you say is right ! after the effort ( not too much , not too little ) put into that book .. might as well write how i made 5 mil last month by option trading or how i made 1 mil last week by writing credit spreads etc … 🙂

  2. Windsurfer Bruce Reply

    Bought it. Read it. Liked it. Now follow you on Twitter. Thanks for writing it.


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