data mining the miners $GDX for finding high probability short term trading ideas

$GDX high probability short term trading ideas

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“@DragonflyFund: @paststat $GDX thanks”

lets gold mine those gold miners ETF $GDX to find any golden short term trades on  those gold miners for any high probability short term trading setups …

we just took all the 175 Predefined Technical Stock Screeners and ran the back tests  on $GDX with exit period set to 1/2/3/4/5 days and from open next open to next close, to see which technical screening parameters had the high probability of winning for short term trading purposes .

ps: the backtest report is from 22nd Aug 2009 to 23rd Aug 2013

read the help , on the way we calculate the backtest reports here 

here is the out put in the csv file with the following columns

  • Symbol
  • Signal
  • Entry
  • Exit
  • Bias
  • # Trades
  • #Wins
  • # Losses
  • %Wins
  • Avg %
  • Avg Gain %
  • Avg Loss %
  • Pay Off
  • Max Win
  • Max Loss
  • Median %
  • Profit Factor
  • Outliar Adjusted  Profit Factor
  • Max Consecutive  Wins
  • Max Consecutive  Losses
  • T-Test

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csv file : $GDX Technical Indicators Backtest

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