announcing the new paststat !!

announcing the new paststat !! 

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We’re back after a 5 month hiatus ! during which we rewrote the whole backend code of the old paststat engine ,

and added

1) new screeners based on the users feedback , like EMA x’overs , 50 day based bollinger bands , Stochastic’s , RSI(2) , Max-Min moves in a month/year , quarterly/halfyearly/yearly minima/maxima closings , standard deviation moves , and bit of seasonality ( day of the week / month / quarter ) …

2) the backtest engine at single click can generate the returns for exits ranging from 1/2/3/4/5/10/20/overnight gap / next day open to close / 1st +’ve/-‘ve exit in 5 days with the data going back to 1990 

3) the quant-ideas feature , a data mining engine that can generate , daily about 2.5 – 3 million trading strategies , where a user can choose trade ideas from , based on %wn rate , and avg profit expectation ..

4) and seasonality search engine feature

we are incredibly proud of the hard work that went in the last 5 months , day and nights by a small and smart 🙂 team of 5 of us folks !! and we hoep you will love this unique qunat screening features

don’t be shy , give it a try , and we want to hear from you , tell us what you love about the new paststat engine , but more importantly, what features and improvements you’d like to see in future versions

we wish a you happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016 ! & good luck with your powerball tickets too !!

& yeah ! would be blogging regularly , now that the new engine is built !!

What a professional trading journal is and why you need one

What a professional trading journal is and why you need one

This is a guest-post by Rolf, the creator and co-founder of, the professional trading journal for forex, stocks and futures traders.

When it comes to keeping a trading journal every trader knows that it’s almost impossible to become profitable without one. Still, most traders do not follow a professional journaling routine. We identified why conventional trading journals are not improving your trading and what a good trading journal does for you.

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#triumphaltriotimes2015 is out

a.k.a Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2015

read this over weekend and thank us later !!

writing an one line summary is always difficult , but anyway ,

1 USD in 1990 in US market is worth ~38 K as of today , but if invested in tobacco stocks is worth 6.2 mil and some change of 80K !!
ps: whats your one line summary of the above year book 2015 ?

A regretful announcement

From my new found freind and a good acquaintance

My beautiful 37 year old wife xxx passed away at home Friday night after a 3 year campaign of attrition with Colo-rectal cancer.  I can say with certainty, she gave everything she could to survive and thrive in the years since diagnosis and in her last hours. She remains a shining example of how to live one’s life under tremendous adversity



Separately, may I humbly suggest that those of the appropriate age talk to their doctor about fecal occult tests and regular colonoscopies.  In my wife’s situation, there was no chance for early diagnosis.  However, I would be overjoyed if my words caused someone to act and catch an emerging problem.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to the following: Minnesota Medical Foundation for further dedication to Amplatz Children’s Hospital Research Funds (

or more traditionally:

University of Minnesota Foundation
for further dedication to Amplatz Children’s Hospital Research Funds

McNamara Alumni Center

200 Oak Street SE, Suite 500

Minneapolis, MN 55455-2010 (612)624-3333

My family and I would be honored in knowing that contributions will get local researchers closer to stamping out cancer in all its forms and other diseases particularly for pediatric patients.

With deepest appreciation,