announcing the new paststat !!

announcing the new paststat !! 

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We’re back after a 5 month hiatus ! during which we rewrote the whole backend code of the old paststat engine ,

and added

1) new screeners based on the users feedback , like EMA x’overs , 50 day based bollinger bands , Stochastic’s , RSI(2) , Max-Min moves in a month/year , quarterly/halfyearly/yearly minima/maxima closings , standard deviation moves , and bit of seasonality ( day of the week / month / quarter ) …

2) the backtest engine at single click can generate the returns for exits ranging from 1/2/3/4/5/10/20/overnight gap / next day open to close / 1st +’ve/-‘ve exit in 5 days with the data going back to 1990 

3) the quant-ideas feature , a data mining engine that can generate , daily about 2.5 – 3 million trading strategies , where a user can choose trade ideas from , based on %wn rate , and avg profit expectation ..

4) and seasonality search engine feature

we are incredibly proud of the hard work that went in the last 5 months , day and nights by a small and smart 🙂 team of 5 of us folks !! and we hoep you will love this unique qunat screening features

don’t be shy , give it a try , and we want to hear from you , tell us what you love about the new paststat engine , but more importantly, what features and improvements you’d like to see in future versions

we wish a you happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016 ! & good luck with your powerball tickets too !!

& yeah ! would be blogging regularly , now that the new engine is built !!

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