SPX from 100 to 1600 in calendar days

SPX from 100 to 1600 in calendar days 

with S&P 500 Index within touching distance to 1600 , here the details , how many calender days it took to cross each hundred ( first  closing above round number),

assuming it closes above 1600 today ..( if not keep a timer :) …)

$SPX Round number closings for first time

if you are trader trading the magnet effect , like  Monroe Trout who likes to trade the “magnet effect”- the tendency of markets to get to round numbers.

below the details of next day change% when ever S&P 500 Index crosses above a new big round number,

67% times up for the next day , with an average gain of 0.3% and a median change % of 0.16% when a new round number is broken for the first time 

Next day change% when $SPX closes above new round number for the first time

We know what does log mean , before you start giving gyan that above needs to plotted and calculated on log scale and we also know there exists a total returns index as well ..

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