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Welcome to paststat.com!

Our mission:
To provide the individual investor with powerful stock market screening tools along with single click backtest functionality
which can make stock market trading easier, safer and backed by facts not opinions.

Our Job:

paststat.com provides meaningful technical indicators and price action to generate profitable trading ideas along with back-testing odds. paststat.com is dedicated in helping traders use “probabilities” and not “possibilities” while trading in the stock markets

With paststat.com you can:

not only run various technical stock screeners on all stocks at all times, but analyzes the stock trends, and runs the odds of winning or losing on numerous trading strategies to help you identify those stock trading strategies that have better odds of making money.

finally paststat.com purpose is to assist individuals in becoming effective managers of their trading decisions through stock market analytics.

If you ever have feedback for us (good or bad), feel free to drop us a line using our feedback form.

Once again, Welcome to paststat.com! We hope you enjoy your visit and return often and we wish you loads of luck in markets.