Alcoa earnings day gap up openings are bit bearish

Alcoa earnings day gap up openings

With Alcoa ($AA) set to open at 8.00 with a gap up opening of at 45.2 with a gap up opening of 1.01% (change from previous closing price, at the time of writing), after better than reporting better that  Wall Street analyst’s estimates.

below a look at how $AA stock price fares from open to close , when ever the stock opens with a gap up opening after earnings are reported.

As can be  seen in the table below this is the 27th $AA is opening with a gap up opening since Jan 2000 after earnings, and the stock performance assuming if one goes long on $AA right at the open tick and exits at day’s close,

here are the trading odds for the longs at open with exit set to close, on Alcoa earnings day after Alcoa stock gaps up

  • Winners : 5
  • Losers : 20
  • % Winners : 20%
  • Average Change % : -1.77
  • Median Change % : -2.35
  • Maximum Gain % : 3.66
  • Maximum Loss % : -7.61
  • Average Gain %if Winner : 2.67
  • Average Loss % if Loser : -3.04
  • Average Gain % / Average Loss % : 0.88
  • Average Absolute Change% : 2.84

in other words shorting at open was the most profitable action on $AA , after the stock opens with gap up post earnings, since 2000.

Below the table with the $AA gap up openings post earnings and the CFO ( Change From Open), CFO% details since 2000.

$AA post earnings gap up openinings since 2000									 

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